About the ICLS

Israeli Center for Learning StrategiesThe Israeli Center for Learning Strategies (ICLS) was established in order to assist students, teachers and parents in learning. The services you may find in the ICLS are: didactic assessments, psychological assessments, consulting, parents’ groups, remedial teaching, learning strategies courses and courses for teachers.

Most of the activities are focused on those who struggle with learning disabilities and / or ADHD, but the ICLS is open to any teacher or student who wishes to promote his teaching or learning.

The ICLS is well known for his learning strategies courses – “LEHAVA” program for junior high, high school and university students. “LEHAVA” is a Hebrew acronym signifying Learning, Organization, Confidence and Success. The essence of the program is evident from its name; a combination of proper organization together with the acquisition of study methods helps to restore the learner’s self-confidence and sense of self-efficacy, thereby constituting a springboard to success.

“LEHAVA” program was developed by Dr. Ruth Dekel (Ph.D) upon her rich accumulative experience with students.