Dr. Ruty Dekel

Dr. Ruty DekelA specialist in learning disabilities and ADHD: assessments and treatments (remedial teaching, teaching learning strategies and couching).

Academic and professional background:

  • Ph.D in psychology, ” BABEŞ – BOLYAI” university, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
  • M.A in Education, “BAR- ILAN” university, Ramat- Gan, Israel.
  • B.A in social studies, “BAR – ILAN” university, Ramat- Gan, Israel.
  • Attended and graduated a two-year course in didactic diagnosis and remedial teaching.
  • Attended and graduated Physical Therapy for the Mind: Workshop  for analyzing and interpreting CPT IVA Test and workshop for computerized Cognitive Behavioral Training for ADD/ADHD, LD, & Brain Injury
  • Qualified Coach for students with ADHD and their parents.
  • Founder and Manager of the “Israeli Center for Learning Strategies”: Diagnosis and remedial teaching for LD and ADHD students.
  • Lecturer of special education and remedial teaching courses, in the “Levinsky College of Education” in Tel Aviv and Eilat.
  • Lecturer and Coordinator of courses pertaining to LD (Diagnosis and remedial teaching) for Teachers, in the School Of In-service Studies. At the “Zinman College of Physical Education” at the “Wingate College”.
  • Over 20 years of experience in working with wide diversity of students in different positions.